Chapter IV: High Alpha’s Latest $125M Fund

To commemorate the launch of High Alpha IV, High Alpha Partner Kristian Andersen shares more about the firm’s fourth and largest fund to date.

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Kristian Andersen
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Today is a special day for High Alpha, as we announce the close of High Alpha IV, our fourth and largest fund to date, with $125 million raised to support our mission of creating and investing in the future of enterprise SaaS. Even sweeter, we surpassed our initial funding target of $110 million — which has both validated our vision for High Alpha IV and presented an incredible opportunity to continue helping founders, and the companies they lead, reach their full potential..

To commemorate this occasion, I thought it fitting to dive a bit deeper into our even more focused and concentrated approach for High Alpha IV.

Evolution of Our Strategy

High Alpha was born out of the belief that the combination of operating and investing not only creates significant differentiation in both areas, but also generates unique opportunities.

Being an early pioneer of the venture studio model is one way we’ve challenged norms in the venture industry, and it’s one of many things we take pride in as we reflect on the past nine years of building High Alpha. My partners and I, along with the incredible team we've assembled, have developed a rhythm of generating new ideas, bringing them to life with exceptional founders, and commercializing them in a capital-efficient way.

Every time an early-stage venture firm raises a new fund, they are committing to spend at least a decade, and often quite a bit longer, working tirelessly to support founders and the businesses they lead. Over the past year, as we reflected on the future of High Alpha, we came back to our core purpose – to help entrepreneurs, and the companies they lead, reach their full potential.

Since 2015 we’ve operated in two distinct, but complementary focus areas – a studio that conceives, launches, and operates startups and a venture fund that invests in SaaS companies across North America. Through a combination of learnings from the past three funds, a changing macro-economic environment and the emergent opportunities they present, High Alpha IV is an evolution of strategy that brings company building and venture investing into a single entity.

Building the Future of Enterprise Software

Tenon recently announced an $8 million Series A, co-led by High Alpha and StepStone Group, with continued investment from ServiceNow Ventures.

Enterprise software is more mission-critical than ever. Over the course of the past few years, we’ve built a meaningful, strategic partnership with ServiceNow, a global leader in cloud-based platform and enterprise solutions. Most recently with the launch of Tenon, a High Alpha Studio company built on the Now Platform, we’ve seen how powerful these relationships can be for emerging startups. Inspired by the early success of this collaboration and many others, we’re thrilled to share that ServiceNow Ventures is joining as a significant investor in High Alpha IV.

It is our belief that cloud adoption is still early and there’s tremendous value yet to be created and unlocked. With this new fund and strategic investors like ServiceNow, we’ll continue investing in entrepreneurs building innovative companies that reshape industries and drive digital transformation across the enterprise.

Looking Ahead

On the heels of launching High Alpha IV, the firm announces the promotion of three new partners.

Lastly, we’re excited to announce the promotion of three new partners within the firm, including High Alpha CFO Blake Koriath, experienced SaaS investor and former High Alpha Principal Seth Corder, and previous TechPoint CEO and current High Alpha Operating Partner Mike Langellier.

With a refined strategy and focus, our purpose, mission, and team has never been stronger. We are incredibly grateful to have had the chance to work with so many amazing founders, CEOs, and co-investors. Thank you for being part of our journey. We’re just getting started.

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