Starting a Company with High Alpha

  • 01 Explore

    Partner with us to explore exciting new opportunities — testing assumptions, validating solutions, and designing business models to start your company with the support of our team.

    • Ideation
    • Validation
    • Sprint Week
    • Prototyping
  • 02 Build

    Go faster with us. We dedicate team resources to accelerate the time to product-market fit, leveraging design as a strategic differentiator across brand, product, and experiences.

    • Business Formation
    • Founding Team Build
    • MVP Creation
    • Founder-Led Sales
    • Company Launch
  • 03Scale

    Fuel to go further — from fundraising to acquisition, we combine financing with advising so you can scale your business.

    • Fundraising
    • Network
    • Advising
    • M&A

We Give Founders a Fast Start

At High Alpha, we roll up our sleeves and hit the ground running with you to generate early momentum for you and your business.

  • Brand Design

    World-class design resources to craft a distinct, defensible brand from naming and visual identity to website build and integration into your product.

  • Product Design

    Fully-dedicated product designers embedded on your team to go from idea to functional product.

  • Marketing

    From positioning and strategy to website and launch, marketing resources that set you up for success as you scale.

  • Go-To-Market

    Guidance to help you define your ICP and find your competitive edge in the market.

  • Finance & Legal

    Counsel and financial bookkeeping, forecasting, and analysis to guide you from company formation to acquisition.

  • HR & Talent

    HR and talent experts to recruit for you, provide benefits to your team, and define early talent strategy.

Company Creation from Coast to Coast


B2B Podcasting Platform


Executive Talent Marketplace


Horizontal Security for All Generative AI

The Juice

B2B Content Marketing Engine


SaaS Management & Optimization


Next Generation Systems Integrator


Work Management Solution for Enterprise Marketers


Modern Solution for Executive Assistants


Cloud-Based Sales Automation Platform


Learning Management Software


1:1 Relationships for Customer-First Brands


Next-Generation Brand Loyalty Platform

Let’s Create Something Remarkable

Together, we can go faster and further.