Meet The Squad: Our Team of Experts for Founders

We offer founders the squad: our cross-functional team of experts in go-to-market, brand marketing, design, and product-market fit.

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Being an entrepreneur can be isolating. As a one-person show, founders must face numerous challenges and decisions on their own. At High Alpha, we are more than just your investor. We are your co-founder with boots on the ground alongside you every step of the way.

Who Is The Squad?

As part of our services, we offer first-time and seasoned founders the squad: our designated, cross-functional team of experts in go-to-market, brand marketing, design, and product-market fit. Having a dedicated team for all start-up stages is vital. After launching 30+ SaaS companies, we are masters in our craft.

How Does The Squad Operate?

The squad employs a three-phase approach to transform an idea from inception to company launch in just six months.


Before we start a company, it is crucial to identify the perfect alignment between ideas, the market, and the founders. For six weeks, the potential founder(s) partner with our New Ventures team to validate the problem statement and opportunity map. Before we push the idea to the finish line, the potential founder(s) will go heads-down with the New Ventures team and members of the squad to complete our Sprint Week process, our forcing function for business creation.


Once we green light a new company, the founder(s) will become an Entrepreneur in Residence for eight weeks. Their primary tasks will include securing "Design Partners” and developing and validating the roadmap for a minimal viable product (MVP). Following this phase, the founder(s) will partner with the squad to execute the MVP, establish a repeatable go-to-market sales process, launch the brand, and embark on the journey toward achieving product-market fit.

The hardest part for an early stage startup is getting the type of people you need in the door doing the jobs that you need them to do to make the company successful. What I found with the High Alpha Studio was there was an incredibly high bar of talent that was available to me in the form of a squad…

Pankaj Prasad, CEO of Airwave


After the initial six months, the squad transitions into an advisory capacity. Their involvement spans from the early stages of the company, encompassing activities such as pitch preparation, coaching, and introducing potential investors. As the company progresses, the squad continues to provide support, including guidance for mergers and acquisitions and liquidity-related matters.

How Can I Co-Found a Company with The Squad?

In a venture studio, your success is our success. High Alpha and the squad are committed to supporting and nurturing our companies at all stages of growth. We stand ready, at all times, to extend our expert guidance and champion your success.

Have you been on the verge of starting a company, but you don’t want to do it alone? You don’t have to. Let’s co-found a company together.

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