Founder Stories: Casted, an Amplified Marketing Platform

Co-Founder and CEO Lindsay Tjepkema shares her experience partnering with High Alpha to start Casted and fundraise.

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Casted Co-Founder and CEO Lindsay Tjepkema shares her experience partnering with High Alpha to start Casted and fundraise.

We make it possible for B2B marketers at mid market enterprise companies to harness the power of audio and video as really the centerpiece of their entire marketing strategy. In my past life before starting Casted, I was running brand and content for a global enterprise and said, "Hey, what if we look at things a little bit differently and put expert voices, audio and video content at the center of our strategy?"

I learned two things really quickly:

1. It was great. It worked really well for our external audience and our internal audience. Our sales team had stuff that they could really use that could advance the sales process.
2. I learned that there was no technology out there to support me as a marketing leader or my team. No amount of money could buy what we needed to make this happen.

Scott Dorsey actually reached out to me and said, "Hey, we're kicking around the idea. We're poking it, what could be possible in and around B2B podcasting." It was a "yes, but..." response from me. It was like, yes, that's important, but that's not the thing. B2B podcasting is not the opportunity. It is part of the opportunity. The next generation of B2B marketing is upon us, so who's going to be the one to answer that call.

The more we talked, it was like, we'll do it. Let's do it together. So partnering with High Alpha puts you on a different level. I got to come in as a founder and focus on the vision that I had and what I was so convicted needed to be true in B2B marketing and with this company that we could build and I could focus on that.

In my early days, I spent my first few weeks talking to potential customers, talking to the market, having conversations that turned into our MVP and turned into our Go-to-Market strategy. The Partners and the entire team here at High Alpha know a lot of people in this space. Their expertise is what we needed to be successful, and the foundation we needed to build.

How we think about how we take this thing to market is still hugely important to who we are today. I think that was the most powerful piece of being part of the Studio was access to the expertise of the partners. Really there's nothing else like it because it's a completely different model and it sets you up on a completely different path.

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