Highlights From My High Alpha Internship

After 12 weeks on the venture team, my High Alpha internship is coming to an end. Here are my highlights from the summer.

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Theresa Kumazah

As some of you may or may not know, I joined High Alpha as a 2022 Cohort Member of the Venture Capital Summer Internship Program sponsored by HBCUvc in May and today marks the end of my 12-week summer internship.

As a Sports Science and Fitness Management Student, my journey to VC is unlike most. In 2019 I started my own company, BeOneFitness, a holistic fitness platform offering health and wellness consultations, one-on-one training sessions, and group exercise classes. As an entrepreneur myself, I have learned firsthand how important it is to have a never-ending passion for learning and taking risks (and how difficult it can be to build something from the ground up).

When the opportunity to join HBCUvc’s Venture Capital Summer Internship Program presented itself, I knew it was something I couldn’t pass up. Whether you’re a rising senior (like me) interested in learning more about venture capital or someone interested in interning at High Alpha, below, I’ll share three highlights from my time on the High Alpha Venture team.

My Experience with the Venture Team

From my initial interview with Seth Corder, High Alpha Principal, to my first few days in the office, I knew High Alpha was a special place. While I spent most of my time with the Venture Team, I had the opportunity to sit down with other function-specific teams and even founders to learn more about what they do and how High Alpha supports them.

In my day-to-day, I joined team meetings discussing deal statuses, stages of different companies, and strategies moving forward in investments. I worked closely with Katie Kopan, Venture Analyst, and Samantha Ginther, Venture Associate, on company sourcing, founder pitch calls, portfolio company research, investment memos, and investment database charting. Shadowing Katie and Samantha in these responsibilities helped me grow in my financial literacy and gain a more robust understanding of how investors think and what they look for in companies.

As a member of the Venture Team, I had the unique opportunity to attend the 2022 High Alpha Annual Meeting. High Alpha Capital invests in both High Alpha Studio companies and outside entrepreneurs building B2B SaaS companies. In the meeting, I heard from High Alpha Founders, CEOs, and investors and had the opportunity to network with many of them following the event.


One of the things that stood out to me was how much High Alpha invests in the community. High Alpha invests greatly in cultivating a strong team dynamic and culture through organized social events, weekly team lunches, and career development opportunities. Equally important, High Alpha creates a space where every opinion is valued regardless of department or position on the org chart, and here mistakes are rewarded with lessons and feedback. Community and connectivity are core to High Alpha and its team.

Participating in Sprint Day

In my opinion, what sets High Alpha apart from other VCs is the studio model. High Alpha studio is comprised of experienced founders, product leaders, marketers, engineers, and operators that conceive, build, and launch new software companies from scratch. Throughout my internship, I had the opportunity to participate in Sprint Day, a compressed version of Sprint Week, where we identify and validate new enterprise software businesses. Participating in Sprint Day allowed me to flex my creative muscle and problem-solve.

As my time at High Alpha comes to an end, I leave with a much clearer understanding of Venture Capital and the B2B SaaS industry. I leave with a network of professionals that have become family. I leave having gained new experiences and skill-sets that will follow me throughout my career and life. As a member of the High Alpha Family, I will continue to “Dream Big, Move Fast, and Expect More.”

Thank you to the High Alpha Family!

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