Inside High Alpha: Our Blueprint for Building and Retaining World-Class Teams

I sat down with High Alpha's Director of Talent to learn how the HR and Talent team supports founders and the importance of building an elite team from the get-go.

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Tatum Lynch

This article is part of the Inside High Alpha series. As a venture studio, we build on our experience operating and investing to drive our success in building and scaling enterprise software companies. Read on to get an inside look at our teams.


From day one, High Alpha’s HR and Talent team partners with founders to hire, recruit, and retain top-tier talent from across the country.

I sat down with High Alpha’s Director of Talent — Hope Williams — to learn how her team supports founders and the importance of building a world-class team.

How Does Your Team Support Founders During the Hiring Process?

Our team are experienced professionals who have built teams at large-scale tech companies and high-growth startups. 

They each support founders in various crucial areas, including identifying talent needs, crafting job descriptions compliant with state laws, sourcing candidates nationwide across all job levels, conducting recruitment screenings, and organizing the hiring process until a great candidate signs their offer to join the team. 

They also provide resources and tools to founders, including benchmarking data they can use to guide their compensation strategy from day one.

How Does Your Team Retain Top-Tier Talent?

Employees working in a startup often can find themselves as operators of one. Our goal at High Alpha is not only to connect them with our team of functional experts but also to drive great portfolio engagement with programs like our Master Classes. Additionally, we collaborate with the Studio CEOs to build a comprehensive onboarding program. Since most portfolio companies operate remotely, we aim to equip every new employee, from day one, with the necessary tools and information to contribute value to their teams seamlessly.

What Types of HR Support Do Founders Receive?

We work closely with our partner companies to handle the day-to-day intricacies of team management, encompassing project lifecycles, open enrollment, performance management, handbook creation, and beyond. Our team is also well-versed in crafting effective remote strategies and navigating compliance when hiring across multiple states.

For early-stage startups, drafting policies and navigating compliance often take a back seat. After building forty-plus companies, we guide each of them to act in the ways they wish to achieve. Namely, to attract and sign enterprise customers, the people operations and policies of the team need to suffice especially in terms of security and employment practices.

How Does Partnering with Your Team Create an Advantage for Founders Versus Working with Talent Agencies?

At the end of the day, founders need people on their team who will do anything to make their company successful. Many talent agencies won’t work like they are in the boat with the business, but our team will always work to find and keep the best talent for founders. We also immerse ourselves in the business and collaborate closely with the Finance team to meticulously build hiring plans in line with strategic objectives.

How Does Your Team Support Founders After They Roll Off Services?

We play a crucial role in helping companies secure in-house HR and Talent professionals. After the transition from our services, our relationships with founders and their talent hires continue. Companies can come to us when searching for talent and advice on specific questions, and we always invite them to our portfolio programming.

How Should Founder Candidates Learn More About Building with High Alpha?

Time is the greatest resource for an early-stage startup. If you want to learn more about High Alpha, I’d highly recommend you check out our website.

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