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We're on a mission to build breakout companies, and are looking for founders with the same drive and ambition to create something remarkable.

Eric Christopher Headshot CEO of Zylo
Eric Christopher
CEO of Zylo
Paige McPheely CEO of Base Sitting in a Leather Chair in a Moody Blue Office
Paige McPheely
CEO of Base
Lindsey Tjepkema CEO of Casted Headshot Sitting Down in Front of a Grey Background
Lindsay Tjepkema
CEO of Casted
Pankaj Prasad
CEO of Airwave
Max Yoder Leaning on a Chair in Front of a Blackboard at Lessonly
Max Yoder
CEO of Lessonly

Characteristics We Look for

  • 01 Vision

    For startups to succeed, they need authentic, intelligent leaders who articulate clear, bold visions. We’re looking for individuals who tell compelling stories and move rooms.

  • 02 Conviction

    The journey is challenging, and requires grit and conviction that inspires. We’re looking for individuals with the kind of belief and resolve that motivates others.

  • 03 Fortitude

    Early-stage startups, no matter how much funding, are scrappy endeavors. We’re looking for relentlessly resourceful founders who can navigate adversity and build teams, products, and revenue.

  • 04 Experience

    Whether it’s experience leading incredible teams, building SaaS products, or starting companies, we’re looking for individuals who understand what it takes to create a breakout business.


Does it matter where I live to start a company with High Alpha?

Nope! We’ve started companies with founders across North America from San Francisco and New York to Greenville and Denver. We do believe in the power of presence, so expect to travel to Indianapolis every few months.

What happens after I reach out?

Once our team reviews your application, we'll reach out to you if it’s a good fit. From there, we’ll invite you to connect, meet our team, and share more about your business concept.

Can I apply with another founder?

If you already have a co-founder, we ask that you both apply. We’ll be in touch from there.

How does equity work as a founder with High Alpha?

High Alpha maintains equity in return for initial funding in the business and Studio services that take ideas to the market faster.

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