Speaker Series with Sahil Lavingia, Founder of Gumroad

Sahil Lavingia sat down with Kristian Andersen for an interview unpacking themes from his latest book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur.

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High Alpha

On October 20th, Gumroad Founder Sahil Lavingia sat down with High Alpha Partner Kristian Andersen for a fireside chat covering:

  • Sahil's career in tech and journey as a young entrepreneur
  • His predictions for the rise of the creator economy
  • Gumroad's historic crowdfunding on Republic.co
  • Themes from his new book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, releasing October 26th

Prior to founding Gumroad at the age of 19, Sahil was a part of the founding team of Pinterest and built over 20 smartphone apps. Sahil is also an angel investor in startups like Clubhouse, Lambda School, Figma, Notion, and HelloSign.