Meet High Alpha's Mollie Kuramoto: Our Branding Expert

Since joining our team, Mollie has introduced and standardized an efficient branding process that allows our companies to launch in just six months. Read on to learn more about everything she does for our Studio companies.

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Tatum Lynch

Standing out in crowded markets is necessary for survival. Our Studio companies are backed by a world-class branding team that gives them the support to be distinct in the marketplace. Meet Mollie Kuramoto: Sr. Brand Marketing Manager and Tech 25 Winner.

Building World-Class Brands in Six Months

At High Alpha, Mollie works alongside the squad to develop and launch brands for our Studio companies from the ground up. From developing the company name to creating their visual identity and website, Mollie has a unique ability to build world-class brand DNA in remarkably short periods of time.

We’re striving to build world-class brands extremely fast. It’s a unique blend of crafting something that’s flexible enough to adjust as the company continues to look for product-market fit but still feels really distinct in the market and true to who they are.
Mollie Kuramoto, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager at High Alpha

Mollie understands that speed is everything. Since joining our team, she has introduced and standardized an efficient branding process that allows our companies to launch in just six months.

Leading Our Companies Marketing Departments

Not only does she excel in constructing robust brands for our companies, Mollie also assumes the role of each company's de facto marketer during the early stages of the company. This support ensures that our founders maintain their momentum on product development and early sales while having captivating content and assets to attract key early customers.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Beyond her impactful work with our company brands, Mollie generously provides her services to the broader Indianapolis tech community. One notable example is her collaboration with Elevate Ventures, where she played an integral role in transforming their vision of producing the largest cross-sector innovation conference in the nation into a reality.

Starting from scratch, Mollie and her team conceptualized and executed the brand for the Rally Innovation Conference — an event drawing professionals from around the globe.

"Mollie guided us through a very intentional branding process that resulted in a truly world-class brand. Because of her efforts, we attracted international attendees, top-notch speakers like Moira Gunn and Guy Raz, and outside investors. This event made a significant impact on the Indianapolis tech community and the state as a whole, and Mollie played a key role in making it happen."

Christopher Day, Chief Executive Officer at Elevate Ventures

Final Thoughts

Mollie's work is directly linked to our companies' revenue streams and overall success. Many CEOs within our portfolio credit her contributions as instrumental in securing key customers and investors. Establishing a standout brand grants our companies a competitive advantage that would otherwise be unattainable without Mollie's expertise.

Do you want to have amazing people like Mollie help you start your company? We would too. Tell us about your idea or take a look at one of ours.

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