Meet High Alpha's Tim Page: Our Finance Strategist

Assumptions are dangerous for startups, and you can only run experiments as long as you have runway. Meet Tim Page, our Finance Manager.

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Tatum Lynch
Picture of Finance Manager Tim Page with the High Alpha logo.|Picture of Finance Manager Tim Page with the High Alpha logo.|

Strategic financial guidance can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Assumptions are a dangerous game in the world of startups, and you can only run experiments for as long as you have runway. It's crucial to have a trusted financial advisor in your corner. Introducing Tim Page: High Alpha's finance strategist and one of Indianapolis Business Journal's Twenty In Their 20's.

Our Founders Research The Market Rather Than Compliance Laws

At High Alpha, Tim works closely with our founders—alongside the squad—to navigate the complexities of finance, fundraising, and strategic decision-making. On a typical day, he immerses himself in financial plans, runway analysis, and fundraising strategies to ensure our founders have access to comprehensive benchmarks that drive the business forward. 

He also focuses on many tedious tasks for our founders, including managing third-party accounting relationships, collaborating with tax firms to prepare tax returns, finalizing investor reporting, and keeping up with federal and state compliance. "We aim to take anything we can off of our founders' plates, so they can focus on selling, building the product, and hiring," he said.

Always Go to Board Meetings Prepared

Tim also takes the lead in helping our founders structure their board meetings. As a trusted consultant, he coaches our founders on effectively communicating financial metrics and prioritizing essential matters. He also advises founders on how to navigate board member relations—guiding them on how to best keep their board up to date with the latest of their business.

Fundraising Isn't Lonely

He's also frequently sought after to help our founders craft their fundraising strategy. Depending on the company's goals, Tim evaluates which type of funding is best for the company and builds a plan to determine how much funding they need. He also works closely with our Capital team to make investor introductions, works with Marketing and Design to structure the fundraising deck, and manages the due diligence process from the point a term sheet is signed until cash is in the bank.

Grow Your Team Without Jeopardizing Runway

Tim is also a key player in helping our companies make strategic hiring decisions. Building and scaling a high-quality team is a key factor for business success, and he recognizes that there is a delicate balance early-stage companies must navigate as they hire top talent and research the market.

One of the things we try to do is help founders identify the right time to invest. When you start a company, the natural tendency is to grow the team immediately. However, growing the team too early just results in shortening runway and less time to find product-market fit.
Tim Page, Finance Manager

Final Thoughts

Strategic financial advisory can significantly impact a company’s growth and development. With Tim on their teams, our companies make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and ultimately thrive in crowded markets.

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