Champion Launches to Reinvent Enterprise Customer Advocacy

Champion, the platform that leverages customer advocacy to unlock second-order revenue, is announcing its launch today.

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High Alpha

Indianapolis — June 20th, 2023 — Champion, the platform for second-order revenue, is announcing its launch out of Venture Studio High Alpha today. The platform helps companies identify, activate and track their strongest advocates and power users so they can partner to drive growth, shorten sales cycles and unlock second-order revenue — new sales powered by a company’s existing users. 

The company is led by CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Reekers, an experienced leader who previously served as chief marketing officer at Aircall. Reekers is joined by Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Courtney Crispin, a former software engineering executive at Salesforce and Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Gianna Scorsone, who previously served as general manager of North American at Aircall and as the chief operating officer at Mondo.

“In an environment where organizations are being asked to do more despite tightened budgets, we know there’s dormant revenue just waiting to be unlocked by activating strategic partnerships with a company’s biggest advocates,” said Reekers. “The voice of your biggest fans cannot be underestimated, and Champion will be a leading driver to help companies harness the power of their champions and unlock second-order revenue.”

Champion works across sales, marketing and customer success teams to make managing power users and company advocates easy for entire organizations. By identifying a company's most influential customers who would be willing to share referrals, participate in sales conversations, provide testimonials and more on behalf of a product or service, companies can activate their power users with greater efficiency and intentionality. Additionally, the platform ensures power users aren’t over-burdened with requests by keeping teams organized and aligned.

“Companies know they could and should be doing more with their power users — up until now, it’s been difficult to manage because we have disparate and vanity datasets across teams,” said Scorsone. “Champion works across departments and syncs sales, marketing and customer success teams to activate advocates in authentic, meaningful ways.”

Not only does Champion leverage artificial intelligence to identify top users, but the platform also alerts an organization when one of their strongest advocates leaves a role or company to open up an opportunity for second-order revenue.

“For companies, there’s so much untapped potential in working alongside their power users, biggest advocates and loyal customers,” said High Alpha Partner Eric Tobias. “Champion is going to fundamentally change how companies partner and work with their power users to create incredible outcomes for all involved parties. We couldn’t be more excited.”

About Champion

Champion helps companies identify, activate and track their strongest advocates and power users so they can partner to drive growth, shorten sales cycles and unlock second-order revenue.

About High Alpha

High Alpha, based in Indianapolis, is a leading venture studio that conceives, launches and scales next-generation B2B SaaS companies. The High Alpha portfolio includes leading cloud companies Attentive, SalesLoft, Zylo, Terminus, The Mom Project, Lessonly, LogicGate, MetaCX, Socio and more. For more information visit or follow on Twitter @highalpha.

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