Encamp Adds $1M and Fuels Shift to EHS Compliance Cloud

High Alpha Capital invests in Encamp's extended seed funding round alongside Allos Ventures and angel investor Ade Olonoh.

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INDIANAPOLIS (July 9, 2019) — Encamp, the world's first Environmental, Health, and Safety Compliance Cloud software platform, today announced the completion of a $1 million extended seed funding round. New participants in the round were High Alpha Capital and Allos Ventures, along with existing investor, Ade Olonoh.

Unlike traditional compliance software that simply stores data, Encamp's software platform provides actionable reporting and intuitive workflow tools to manage environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance activity across the enterprise. Since going to market in August 2018, over 150 companies have used Encamp to inject transparency in their operations, manage facility data, submit environmental compliance reporting and provide a modern compliance process for their EHS teams.  

"Encamp is bringing an innovative software solution to environmental compliance, helping companies, large and small, better manage the complex environmental filing and compliance landscape," said Allos Ventures Managing Director, David Kerr. "We're thrilled to be investing in Luke and the Encamp team. They bring excellent experience to address the challenges companies face in maintaining their compliance and filing needs."  

By combining a powerfully simple data management system with proprietary EHS compliance reporting automation software, Encamp is reimagining how companies understand, track, and ensure EHS compliance across the enterprise. This prevents mistakes, violations, and accidents that happen when communication and clarity breaks down across EHS teams.  

"The compliance tools that most companies rely on were not built for the modern business world of today", said Luke Jacobs, Encamp co-founder and CEO. "We are living in a world where constant regulatory and technological changes are putting pressure on companies to better monitor and report on their environmental impact and EHS compliance. Providing a tool that makes these complex processes easier to understand, manage, and automate is transformative to how companies are ensuring they are compliant and that government standards are being met."  

"The Encamp team is rewriting the book on environmental management and compliance. They have built a smart, software-based solution for an industry largely served by antiquated tools. The time is right for a new, digital solution and Encamp is well positioned to lead the change," said Mike Fitzgerald, Partner at High Alpha.  

This round of seed funding will help accelerate Encamp's product vision, as well as increase sales and marketing efforts. "We are excited to add the support and expertise of these well known institutional investors as we continue with our mission to revolutionize how the industry achieves operational EHS excellence across the enterprise," said Luke Jacobs, Encamp CEO and co-founder.  

To date, Encamp has raised $2.1M in total financing.  

This announcement follows Encamps recent Tech Startup of the Year award at the 2019 TechPoint Mira Awards. To learn more about Encamp, visit https://www.encamphq.com.  

About Encamp

Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business is good for the environment. By making the most complicated environmental reporting tasks fast, simple, and accurate, Encamp is reimagining environmental compliance, data management, and risk-minimization for modern companies.

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