Encamp Secures $12M in Series B Funding

Encamp announced it has raised $12 million in Series B funding. The funding lets Encamp make ongoing upgrades to its platform for environmental compliance reporting and add staff in strategic positions.

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Indianapolis, Indiana — April 15, 2021 — Encamp, which offers a first-of-its-kind software platform for environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance data management and reporting automation, today announced it has raised $12 million in Series B funding led by OpenView. The funding was supported with participation from Encamp investors High Alpha Capital, Allos Ventures, and IU Ventures. Encamp will use the new backing to drive the ongoing development of the SaaS-based Encamp platform and add employees in engineering, compliance, sales, marketing, and other strategic areas.

For environmental compliance at facilities storing or using hazardous chemicals, the Encamp platform lets businesses verify applicable state and federal regulations automatically. To determine required compliance actions, EHS teams can sort activity by facility, regions, regulations, and state and federal requirements. In addition, EHS professionals are able to track compliance performance and reporting across the business by connecting tasks to facilities, compliance due dates, employees, and items such as compliance training schedules. Businesses get an up-to-the-minute view of their entire compliance reporting schedule using Encamp’s dashboard and wide-ranging compliance calendar.

With Encamp’s proprietary reporting automation software system, certified information is aggregated automatically in Encamp and submitted on time and in the correct format to all proper regulatory agencies. Along with increasing efficiency, such monitoring and automation is critical to reducing the risk of non-compliance and avoiding significant penalties.

For the EHS industry, Encamp is the first product to provide such end-to-end capability, particularly for regulations and reporting methods that vary considerably across all 50 states. The company’s new funding will allow it to continue making environmental compliance and reporting faster, easier, and more accurate.

“When we started Encamp, our goal was to become the premier system of record for environmental compliance and reporting, which we did,” said Luke Jacobs, one of Encamp’s co-founders and CEO. “That dynamic is shifting, however. Regulators and the EHS industry are now moving towards systems of intelligence for regulatory rules and data. Therefore, going forward, our aim is to become the new premier system of intelligence for environmental compliance. Encamp’s platform and product roadmap support this new direction, as does OpenView. We know they’ll be a strong and positive influence in helping us continue transforming how environmental compliance works.”

“We’ve been excited about Encamp since our first meeting with their fantastic founding team. Luke and the Encamp team are uniquely positioned to fundamentally change the world of environmental compliance, and we’re thrilled to partner again with High Alpha and Allos Ventures,” said Ricky Pelletier, Partner at OpenView.

OpenView's Expansion Platform partnered with Encamp to already place three new executive hires: Gerritt Graham as Chief Revenue Officer, Julianna Meidell as VP of Marketing, and Ki Moon as VP of Revenue Operations. 

Encamp’s platform updates throughout 2021 are targeted at adding compliance reporting functionality, and are also expected to expand reporting to new regulatory program areas. The updates should enable Encamp to build on its current standing as the largest filer of Tier II hazardous material inventory reports in the United States.

“We’re recognized as trailblazers of environmental compliance for a reason,” said Jacobs. “Now with additional support from our investors and OpenView’s ongoing guidance, Encamp is ready to make compliance and reporting even simpler — and more intelligent — than we already have.”

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