High Alpha Launches Anvl to Reinvent Workforce Safety for the Digital Age

Anvl, a next-generation safety solution for the workforce, is announcing its launch today. Learn more about the news.

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Next-generation workforce safety solution born out of High Alpha’s Corporate Innovation practice

INDIANAPOLIS — October 16, 2018 — High Alpha, a leading venture studio, announced today the launch of Anvl, a new cloud-based software company that delivers safety solutions to reduce and prevent injuries for the maintenance service workforce.

Led by Robin Fleming, Anvl’s Co-Founder and CEO, the solution will capture and synthesize environmental, process and sensor data to intervene at the point of risk and deliver a targeted safety experience for high-risk maintenance and service environments. Fleming, an enterprise cloud technology veteran, joined High Alpha earlier this year and most recently served as senior vice president of technology at Angie’s List (NASDAQ: ANGI).

“Our focus is helping companies ensure that their workforce returns home, injury-free, at the end of the day. Our goal is to not only improve the safety of the workforce, but also increase their productivity while reducing costs for our customers,” said Fleming. “From day one, Anvl has been a workforce-first solution, unlike the traditional environmental, health and safety (EHS) suites and compliance-based solutions. We believe we can create a safer work environment by engaging the workforce, listening to them and responding to safety risks in real-time.”

“The idea for Anvl was originally brought to High Alpha by Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) as a unique opportunity to enhance the safety processes within their organization. We brought the idea into our Sprint Week process and were compelled by the potential that exists with Anvl,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Partner at High Alpha. “After bringing on Cummins as our first pilot customer, we are thrilled to be officially launching the company and watch Anvl continue to ensure the safety of front-line workers across the world.”

Cummins, a Fortune 500 global power leader and Robert W. Campbell Award recipient for their leadership and excellence in EHS management, is currently piloting Anvl because of the value it will bring to their technicians and supervisors.

“We wanted to leverage the digital innovation and technology we apply to our products to help us improve the way we approach safety,” said Sherry Aaholm, Chief Information Officer at Cummins Inc. “We are pleased that there are resources like High Alpha where we can combine the industry experience and knowledge each of us has to develop digital solutions which proactively increase technician awareness of worksite safety risks, replacing previous manual processes. The digital information captured facilitates our goal of continually improving our servicing and manufacturing sites for employees. Anvl can be a real advantage in safety improvement across many industries.”

The solution is designed with an intuitive interface and provides direct value to the end user, collecting a customized set of metrics per worker. Anvl customers are collecting hundreds of safety metrics per worker per day, providing real-time, actionable hazard insights. Future product plans include leveraging wearables, IoT data and coaching networks to continue to deliver customers’ safety business processes and safety content based on the situational dynamics of the workforce, task and environment.

Anvl is the tenth company to launch out of High Alpha Studio. Anvl is also the first company to launch following High Alpha’s recent $100M funding round. To learn more about Anvl: Anvl.com.

About Anvl
Anvl is a next-generation safety solution for the workforce. Anvl’s workforce-first technology captures leading indicators and leverages emerging technologies like mobile, AR, wearables and IoT devices to prevent failures and deliver a targeted safety experience. For more information: Anvl.com or follow on Twitter at @AnvlApp.

About High Alpha
High Alpha is a leading venture studio focused on building next-generation enterprise cloud companies through a new model for entrepreneurship that unites company building and venture capital. The High Alpha team creates and launches new businesses internally, in addition to partnering with entrepreneurs, large corporations and other investors to conceive, launch and scale new businesses. The venture studio is led by proven tech entrepreneurs Scott Dorsey, Eric Tobias, Kristian Andersen and Mike Fitzgerald. For more information: highalpha.com or on Twitter at @highalpha.

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