Generative AI Safely Unlocked for Regulated Industries with Public Release of Liminal

Liminal officially launches, empowering regulated industries to securely deploy and leverage generative AI.

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High Alpha

AI security platform launches out of High Alpha with a roster of enterprise partners, securing generative AI in healthcare, life sciences, public sector, education, financial services and insurance.

Indianapolis, IN — January 31, 2024 — Generative AI is driving one of the largest booms in productivity since the industrial revolution. However, enterprises operating in regulated environments are acutely aware of the risks associated with generative AI concerning data security, privacy and sovereignty. Fresh on the minds of executives are the high-profile leaks of proprietary information, leading to cascading bans on employees using this technology

A recent survey by Salesforce reveals these bans may not be having the desired effect, with over half of the users who reported utilizing this technology indicating they are doing so without consent from their organizations. Further, a separate study conducted by Liminal showed that 63% of employees would be comfortable sharing personal or proprietary corporate data with generative AI tools, regardless of company policy.

A team of prior executives from Amazon Web Services and FIS joined forces to build Liminal, a unique security platform allowing regulated enterprises to safely use generative AI, across every use case. Their model-agnostic, horizontal approach ensures organizations have complete control over the data submitted to these tools in every interaction — whether through direct engagements, through the consumption of off-the-shelf software with generative AI capabilities, or via generative AI-enabled applications built in-house.

“We want every organization to have the ability to say yes to generative AI,” said Liminal Founder and CEO Steven Walchek. “With Liminal, CIOs and CISOs can securely administer generative AI while protecting their most sensitive data across every use case, regardless of the model(s) they want to use.”

“Generative AI will continue to proliferate and become increasingly specialized. We have strong conviction in Liminal's approach to solving for the critical barrier to organizational adoption,” said High Alpha Partner Eric Tobias. “We’ve been excited to invest in Steve, and the work of the Liminal founding team, since the first day we met. Their successes to date are empowering a new era of value creation driven by unlocking generative AI for enterprises in regulated industries.”

About High Alpha

High Alpha, based in Indianapolis, creates, launches, scales, and invests in exceptional enterprise B2B software companies across North America. The High Alpha portfolio of over 70 companies includes leading cloud companies, Attentive, SalesLoft, Zylo, The Mom Project, LogicGate, Metaimpact, and more. For more information, visit or follow @highalpha.

About Liminal

Liminal empowers regulated enterprises to securely deploy and leverage generative AI across all use cases. With Liminal, organizations have complete control over the data submitted to large language models (LLMs). Whether that be through direct interactions, through the consumption of off-the-shelf software with generative AI capabilities, or via the generative AI-enabled applications built in-house, Liminal’s unique horizontal platform helps ensure protection against regulatory compliance risk, data security risk, and reputational risk. Across every model, in every application you use, and in every application you’re building. For more information, visit or follow Liminal on LinkedIn.

Marc Jacocks, Head of Marketing, Liminal
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