High Alpha's Mollie Kuramoto and Michelle Watts Recognized in TechPoint's Tech 25 Class

We're please to announce that Mollie Kuramoto and Michelle Watts have been named to TechPoint's Tech 25 Class of 2023.

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High Alpha

TechPoint, the growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, gathers annually to honor a prestigious selection of twenty-five non-executive individuals who work long hours, build the products, and drive the initiatives that propel the Indiana tech ecosystem forward. We are honored to have two of our team members inducted into the 2023 class.

Mollie Kuramoto

As the Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Mollie developed High Alpha's current brand development process for studio companies. Within six months, she is able to create a company's entire brand identity, helping our founders stand out in a crowded tech market.

In addition to her role at High Alpha, Mollie generously extends her expertise to benefit the wider tech community. She was instrumental in crafting the brand for the Rally Innovation Conference. This first-of-its-kind cross-sector technology conference event drew professionals from across the globe many of whom commented they were sold on coming to Indy initially by the branding of the conference.

“As the Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Mollie consistently goes above and beyond in her role. I am a better person for having worked with her over the past year. Her high level of expertise and creativity produces world-class brands that are crucial to our portfolio’s success and has allowed her to leave her thumbprint on eighteen of our companies thus far," said High Alpha VP of Marketing Muhammad Yasin. "Beyond that, I admire her tenacity and passion for executing initiatives that will benefit the entire Indianapolis tech ecosystem. The tremendous effort she put into building the brand for Rally, the largest cross-sector innovation conference, will leave a lasting impact on our tech community for years to come.”

Michelle Watts

Within her first year at High Alpha, Michelle attracted and assembled the starting teams for twelve companies, single-handedly hiring a total of 144 skilled professionals, and she hasn't stopped since. The initial hires at a startup can define its trajectory, and Michelle consistently goes above and beyond to identify the ideal candidate, even when their experience may deter others.

Michelle possesses a deep understanding that diversity comes in many forms and backgrounds. Leveraging her role, she seizes every opportunity to bring exceptional and often overlooked candidates to the forefront – individuals whom CEOs and others might overlook. She firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance and actively volunteers her time to help candidates break into tech.

"Michelle doesn’t see her job as a recruiter–rather she helps people connect. She has great passion in bringing those from non-traditional backgrounds into tech, and she’s able to find hidden skills and relay that to teams in a way few others can," said High Alpha Director of Talent Hope Williams. "I can think of no one else who deserves the honor of being recognized for the impact she’s had in bringing people into our tech community.”

Additional High Alpha Portfolio Recognition

In addition to Mollie and Michelle, multiple other team members from High Alpha Portfolio companies shared this recognition, including:

  • Sarah Baron: Revenue Operations Manager, Casted
  • Julie Gallina: Quality Assurance Lead, Authentix
  • Brad Brown: Senior Director of Marketing and Sales Operations, Zylo

We are incredibly proud of this cohort of talented individuals recognized by TechPoint. Through strategic brand development, exceptional recruitment practices, and a dedication to diversity, these individuals are the leaders who continue to make an impact on our mission to empower founders, build remarkable companies, and shape the future of technology.

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