Why High Alpha Invested in Terminus and the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Revolution

Today, we’re excited to announce High Alpha Capital’s latest investment in Terminus, the leading Account-Based Marketing Platform.

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Last week, Scott Brinker released his annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic—surpassing 5,000 products for the first time and growing 40% from 2016. As the Sales & Martech landscape continues to grow, this space is an area we have become deeply interested in—as seen with our investments in Sigstr, Cordial.io, SalesLoft, and CrowdRiff.

Today, we’re excited to announce High Alpha Capital’s latest investment in Terminus, the leading Account-Based Marketing Platform, as a part of its $10.3 M Series B Round announced earlier today. We have had a long-standing relationship with the Terminus team through their co-founders and early investors (both Hyde Park Venture Partners and David Cummings), and have been watching their success closely over the last few years. When Terminus was putting together their Series B, we were grateful for the opportunity to partner with them and invest alongside Atlanta Ventures, Edison Partners, Arthur Ventures, HubSpot, Hyde Park, Knoll Ventures, Vine St. Ventures, Jay Baer, and Jill Rowley.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)—an industry and term one could argue Terminus first introduced to the world—has become increasingly important due to the evolving complexity and mechanics of sales, especially in B2B businesses. In today’s world, more and more leads keep getting dumped into the top of the funnel, slowing down the sales cycle and forcing a change in the traditional sales style. Rather than finding individual buyers in organizations and marketing to them, ABM strategies “Flip the Funnel” and focus on the organizational level to target an entire group of potential stakeholders in a sale (i.e. targeting your sale to the “account” and not the individual). This presents an interesting dynamic that requires sales and marketing teams to work even closer together to create personalized content for these organizations.

We believe that personalization of content in sales and marketing is critical with the changing dynamics of buyer purchasing preferences. Buyers are demanding better customer service and highly personalized experiences. On the B2C side, we even see this with the growing expectations of free returns and product exchanges (like Amazon). These preferences are often catered by the large incumbents who have the scale and capacity to achieve them.

Platforms that enable ABM at scale (like Terminus) allow players of all sizes to have a better shot at closing their target accounts. Scaling ABM is hard due to the amount of coordination and effort it requires, so a software platform that does it incredibly well intrigued us immediately and got us excited at the prospect of investing.

The Terminus team and leadership (Eric Spett, Sangram Vajre, Eric Vass, and Bryan Brown) have built an exceptional product that allows marketers and sales teams to be better prepared to capitalize on selling opportunities by measuring engagement and aligning messaging across sales and marketing.

This has allowed Terminus to grow tremendously over the past 3 years and has positioned them as the leader to revolutionize sales and marketing through ABM. We are excited to see where Terminus goes in the future and are thrilled to be a part of their journey. Please join us in congratulating the team!

About Terminus

Terminus is the leading account-based marketing (ABM) platform that enables B2B marketers to target key accounts, engage decision-makers, and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline velocity at scale. Companies such as Salesforce, Domo, Vidyard, and Rosetta Stone use Terminus as a foundational platform for ABM. In 2017, Terminus was named the Fastest Growing Software Company by The Atlanta Business Chronicle and #1 in Employee Appreciation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. To learn more about the Terminus ABM platform, visit www.terminus.com.

About High Alpha

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