Why I Joined High Alpha

Samantha Ginther joined High Alpha as a Venture Associate. As the newest member of the High Alpha family, here's why she joined the team.

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Samantha Ginther

When I walked into High Alpha on my first day, I remember thinking, “This place is special.”

As some of you may or may not know, I joined High Alpha as a Venture Associate in April and Monday marked my one-month anniversary on the team.

When the opportunity to join High Alpha presented itself, I knew it was something I couldn’t pass up. As a Hoosier native, I knew a lot about High Alpha and was always proud of the massive impact the venture studio has made on economic growth in Indiana. I wanted to be a part of that mission and High Alpha’s dynamic team.

Prior to joining High Alpha, I was an Associate at IU Ventures for nearly three years. As an IU alumna, it was a dream to work with IU-affiliated entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors every day. Leaving was a hard decision, but my new role at High Alpha has met and exceeded my expectations. After all, growth only happens when you get out of your comfort zone.

So, as the newest member of the High Alpha family, I thought I’d shed some light on my experience for those considering a position here or at one of our portfolio companies. Below are three takeaways from my first 30 days at High Alpha:

Values Drive Decisions

Dream big, move fast, expect more. Our values drive the decisions we make and help steer us toward success. We won’t get it right every time, but we can be confident we’ll get there when we lead with our values. We believe these values will allow us to continue building and investing in the best B2B SaaS companies while learning, growing, and having fun along the way. 

Our Missions Is Magnetic

Everyone wants to be here. They’re proud to be here. The support of our mission to create and invest in the world’s best SaaS businesses feels magnetic. Whether part of the High Alpha team or a portfolio company, members of the High Alpha Family are eager to connect with each other to support our common cause. Everyone I’ve met has been invested in getting to know me and assisting me in my new role. Starting a new SaaS company is hard, but having a community makes it easier.

Support Runs Deep

Throughout the interview process, receiving an offer letter, transitioning out of my previous role, and during my first few weeks, I felt a strong sense of support from everyone I met. My opinion is valued regardless of department or position on the org chart. Everyone’s voice is heard and respected -- from analysts and interns to directors and partners. 

If you’re considering a position with High Alpha, I encourage you to take the leap. We recognize the need for diverse perspectives and want to cast a wide net for qualified candidates who share our values. 

You can check out our open positions here. We’d love for you to join us! 

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