How to Build Product Roadmaps

Whether you are launching a new brand or simply adding a product or line to your existing platform, clearly defining your goals, mission and strategy can help everyone get up to speed quickly and give you a reference you can rely on as you work through the process. Consider creating a product roadmap to detail the steps you’ll take to create your product and the strategies you’ll use to bring your ideas to fruition. A well developed roadmap can be a powerful tool and help guide your brand towards success.

Product Roadmaps    

Need to visually display the vision for your product, and the strategy you’ll take to get things up and running? A product roadmap can help. This useful visual guide is designed with clarity and collaboration in mind; by showcasing your product launch roadmap visually, you can be sure that everyone on your team can tell where you are at a glance.    

Product Roadmap Definition: A visual device that relays the strategy and vision of a product or line, provides insights and defines needed steps for completion.    

Product roadmap steps can be as simple as bullet points or more complex; an entire product roadmap wiki may help your own team during development and even be used by marketing for consumer details later on. A lean product roadmap could have just the basics and offer an overview of the key points or steps in the production process.    

Ideally, your product roadmap will be used by your team, but also communicate your goals and mission to internal stakeholders and allow for discussion before production begins. This can vastly reduce the amount of time spent working through issues after production has launched and allows the team to unite behind a single goal.    

An Asana product roadmap allows for communication between groups and improves workflow; everyone’s roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in this model. Both processes and potential product roadmap challenges can be covered in this vital document. For some brands, an outcome-based product roadmap can mean the difference between success and failure and in meeting or missing a critical deadline.    

Product Roadmap Template    

Getting started and outlining the details may seem like an overwhelming task, but if you use a reliable product roadmap template, you’ll get consistent results. When you create a roadmap or road map internally, you have control over the process and can be sure that all of your needed details are included.    

You’ll also be better equipped to share and relay the vision of your product if you create your own outcome based roadmap. When your team becomes familiar with the internal template you’ve created, they will know where to look for critical information and be able to spot important details at a glance. If you reinvent your roadmap for every product or project you have, they’ll constantly have to adjust to something new.    

While creating your own product plan template allows you to fully customize the experience, you can draw inspiration from the maps created by other brands. Software roadmap examples can make a big difference in how swiftly you can create an accurate and helpful roadmap for your product. You have a few different options when it comes to creating your roadmap; use the one that suits you best:

  • Use a roadmap template excel free download to get started
  • Create an intuitive aha roadmap
  • Use a roadmap template word or Google documents
  • Create product roadmap template google sheets to work from
  • Design a targeted now next later roadmap template
  • Start with the framework provided by a free product roadmap template excel

Defining a roadmap and detailing what information should be included, then adjusting an agile product roadmap template as needed can help you make the most of the process and create a lasting document that will benefit your team and streamline the process.

Product Roadmap Presentation    

Your product strategy will be better understood by your stakeholders and team when you create an internal product presentation. Coming up with a robust roadmap presentation template ppt allows you to create informative and captivating product strategy presentation media without investing a lot of extra time or budget.   

Before you begin, review some roadmap presentation ideas, revisit your favorite roadmap presentation example and do a walkthrough of your product plan presentation. When you review and practice an account roadmap presentation, you’ll spot any inconsistencies or areas that could trigger questions from viewers.    

Schedule a product roadmap presentation early in the process and ensure that all key stakeholders and decision makers have the opportunity to review. A product manager presentation can help you relay the mission and goals of your team in an easy to understand way, and provide you with the chance to explain any points that need clarification.    

Roadmap Software    

One of the fastest and easiest ways to produce compelling and informative roadmaps is to use open source product roadmap software. Roadmap software provides a comprehensive and consistent format and allows you to better convey your ideas. When you use a roadmap app or roadmap planner, you can focus on what you do best – and on your goals and strategy, not the format of the piece itself.    

Opting for product roadmap software lets you get up and running quickly and makes it easy to create a polished final document for your presentation. You’ll also find that opting for a product roadmap tool eliminates guesswork and gives you a well defined, easy to understand path to follow.    

Jira Product Roadmap    

Next gen Jira software supports the creation of product roadmaps and can be used to create fast and easy templates and final documents. A Jira product roadmap can be used to showcase your ideas and to relay critical details, without having to invest a lot of time in creating your presentation.    

A Jira next gen roadmap takes advantage of some of the most beneficial tools offered by Jira; originally a platform designed to spot bugs during project management development, the product roadmap Jira has become a natural addition to the core functions of this powerful software.    

A new Jira roadmap can be created using the Jira server roadmap feature and can be showcased in several ways. You can opt for a Jira roadmap classic project, a Jira portfolio roadmap or a mixture of the two. For most brands, the primary concern will be whether the focus should be a jira roadmap vs. portfolio – and there are staunch advocates for both approaches.    

Product Roadmap Trello    

Classic and enduring project management organizer Trello can be pressed into service to create roadmaps as well. Using Trello to create a roadmap makes the most sense when you are already familiar with and using the tool for project management.    

Your team will be able to swiftly adapt to the Trello roadmap powerup approach and if they are comfortable and accustomed to using the platform, they may prefer it to roadmap software open source models. Every brand is different, but if you have a team that is already invested in and skilled with Trello, taking this approach can help.    

Trello is uniquely suited to creating visual tools, so a product roadmap trello creates will already have a strong visual component. You can also move cards around when you need to, and add tasks or notes as they develop. Trello’s communication tools and robust management make it an ideal match for your product roadmap and can be used to create a final document or to manage the process.    

Product Roadmaps Relaunched    

If you’re not sure where to begin, or want a well thought out, step by step guide, look no further than “Product Roadmaps Relaunched: How to Set Direction While Embracing Uncertainty”. This guide to product roadmap creation and management is the ideal companion for anyone just getting started or anyone looking to harness the power of this dynamic and useful tool for a presentation or to relay critical product details.    

The Product Roadmaps Relaunched PDF download is available now, and offers clear and actionable advice on creating your own detailed product roadmaps, even if you are still working out the details. Product Roadmaps Relaunched Amazon page can give you more information about this useful publication; at the time of this writing, the Product Roadmaps Relaunched book was making a big mark on the retailers business books list.    

For those who learn better by reading or who need a firm outline to follow, Product Roadmaps Relaunched is an ideal resource that can be read in small doses. Applying what you learn is surprisingly easy, and you’ll be able to proceed with confidence, knowing you’re following expert advice.    

Your product roadmap is one of the most compelling tools at your disposal when it comes to presentations and relaying details and strategy. Its high visual components coupled with impactful text, significant details and overall scope can help you relay your unique offerings and value proposition in a way that is easy to understand. Many readers will be able to see what you propose or your process at a glance and a professional roadmap will boost stakeholder confidence in your brand.

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