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Technology is changing the world as we know it. From new iPhones being released what seems like every week to self-driving cars, augmented reality, and many other tech-driven devices and processes, the tools we use to live our lives will only become more sophisticated. Competition, innovation, and capital all drive tech advancement, but one category in particular is driving much of the change. New companies are also being developed to help create the next generation of advanced technology — that’s where tech startups come in.

What Are Tech Startups? 

Tech startups, sometimes referred to as tech based startups, are companies that bring new products and services to the market. These businesses deliver new technology that is used to solve problems or provide a certain need for society. These companies have grown exponentially over the years, which is why there are so many tech startup jobs out there. However, it’s important to understand that non tech startups are also on the rise. These companies are called “startups” because they are typically in the beginning phase of formation. And while many of these startups are related to technology, the essence of startup companies revolves around scalability, growing, and being innovative—no matter the market.    

Where Tech Startup Ideas Come From    

There are millions of innovative, entrepreneurial-minded individuals out there who develop tech startup ideas. Coming up with these ideas can be difficult, but it’s important to really think outside the box — which is why some companies partner with corporate innovation firms, so that they can move forward and gain inspiration from people outside their company. Often, tech startup ideas begin with a focus on what’s possible with technology today and lead into a discussion around the missing puzzle pieces that can be filled with technology — in other words, how a company can create the tech people are looking for. Tech startups may be purpose-built for a variety of industries and audiences, but in recent years, many have related to the following areas of technology:

  • Social media
  • Technology repair
  • App development
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging 

Some of the most successful startups in the world relate to one or more of these areas, so it’s best to do research regarding these topics if you’re trying to develop your own startup. However, it’s important to note that technology plays a key role in nearly every industry today. For instance, with a quick search, you’re likely to find startups built around industries like:

  • Healthcare technology
  • Management technology
  • Construction technology
  • Legal technology
  • Financial services technology
  • Retail technology

Tech Job Outlook

Some of the world’s best tech startups are constantly hiring, so the job outlook looks extremely strong. And with more and more of these companies popping up almost daily, now is a great time to get your foot in the door. This tech startup list includes some of the buzziest, leading tech startups to watch in 2019:

  • Highspot
  • DecorMatters
  • Bundil
  • Grail
  • Molekule
  • Kinetic
  • Aura Health

If you’re interested in joining an Indianapolis tech startup, be sure to visit the High Alpha careers page to view open opportunities

While this is an impressive list regarding tech startups 2019, there are hundreds more successful startups making their way into the market. And it’s also important to understand the markets in which these companies thrive. The fastest growing tech companies 2019 generally belong to a few key markets, including:    

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • SaaS
  • Security
  • eCommerce

The top startup companies to invest in 2019 are all related to these markets, so it’s vital to understand this list if you’re trying to make your way into the startup scene — or to invest in a startup.

Top Startup Lists     

In order to really understand top startups 2019, then you should check out major publications that list startups to watch 2019. Many major publications release annual lists of the fastest-growing startups, most profitable startups, or the top tech startups, such as:    

  • LinkedIn
  • Business Insider
  • Inc
  • The Silicon Review 
  • Tech-Startup
  • Seed Table
  • Crunchbase

From top startups in San Francisco 2019 to the top 10 startups from around the country, these lists can help you understand which startups are leading the pack, and where there may be gaps.    

Tech Startup Ideas    

The truth of the matter is, many of the best startups in the world aren’t tech-related. So as you may think that the best startups 2019 are all involved with technology, that is not the case. In fact, one of the hottest startups 2018 relates to a business called Bonjour Baguette, which is a breakfast delivery service based in San Francisco. If you search for a list of startup companies, you’ll be surprised at how many aren’t tech-related.    

If you’re trying to come up with tech startup ideas, then you aren’t alone. To help with brainstorming, a Google search is a great place to start — keywords like “tech startup ideas 2018,” “tech startup ideas 2019,” and “software startup ideas 2018” may help you spark a new idea. 

Indianapolis Startups    

One area of the country that has a booming startup scene is Indianapolis. Indianapolis startups come in many shapes and sizes and are involved with a wide variety of markets. However, if you research Indianapolis tech news, then you’ll see that Indianapolis fintech, martech, and TechPoint are where things are trending most.    

What is Fintech?    

Fintech is short for financial technology, which is one market where startups are flourishing in Indianapolis.    

What is TechPoint?    

TechPoint is a nonprofit organization that helps both tech companies and job seekers find wide variety of tech positions throughout Indiana. The TechPoint jobs platform is a user-friendly site that helps qualified candidates find their dream job. TechPoint also hosts events that help unite employers with qualified job seekers.    

Indianapolis Technology Association    

One reason for the rapid expansion of the tech industry and the impressive job outlook for tech positions is thanks to the Indianapolis Technology Association. They’re focused on giving tech-related companies a stronger identity in the state, including educating state leaders on the issues that impact technology-driven companies in the area.    

Indianapolis Technology Council    

Another key reason why tech-driven companies are thriving in Indianapolis is thanks to the efforts by the Indiana Technology & Innovation Council. Their goal is to protect and grow the public policy interests of tech-related companies.

Indy Tech Companies   

Indianapolis is just the 17th largest city in the United States, but it’s home to one of the most booming tech industries in the country. While the city has had large corporations as part of the economic fabric for decades, the tech industry didn't start booming until the early 2000s.     

Major Players    

While there are many tech-related companies who have called Indianapolis home, there are some major ones that have really helped to spark this expansion. These Indy tech companies include:    

Salesforce Indianapolis    

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that helps the relationship between customers and companies. While they are based in San Francisco, their Indianapolis location has made a huge impact on the city’s tech scene.     


Springbuk is a leading tech company that helps employers and consultants better manage their investments in population health.    


SmarterHQ is a behavioral marketing technology company that helps businesses create powerful email and website campaigns focused on personalized experiences for their customers.

High Alpha    

Whether a startup is looking to get their feet off the ground or they want to expand to new heights, they need to work with the right team to help them crush their goals. That’s where High Alpha comes in.     

What is High Alpha?    

From conceptual thinking to scaling businesses, High Alpha helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas for enterprise SaaS companies to life. High Alpha is considered a venture studio, known for working with entrepreneurs, startups, and other people looking to grow their brand — often from the ground up. High Alpha has two core branches: studio and capital. In addition to studio and venture capital, High Alpha partners with existing companies via an innovation practice.    

High Alpha Studio    

Under this area of their business, High Alpha partners with company founders to conceive, launch, and scale innovative enterprise cloud companies. We have launched dozens of companies, including Sigstr, Lessonly, MetaCX, Doxly, Zylo, and Docket.    

High Alpha Capital    

High Alpha Capital invests in High Alpha Studio companies, as well as outside entrepreneurs who are building enterprise cloud companies. 

London Tech Startups    

While tech startups become more prevalent in the United States, the United Kingdom is also getting their piece of the startup pie. London tech startups are becoming more popular than ever thanks to the growing expansion of technology and its exposure overseas. If you search for “London startups 2019,” you’ll see many similarities between the tech scene in London and in the United States. Some of the leading tech startups UK relate to finance, healthcare, and hospitality. This UK startups list highlights some of the fastest growing startups UK:

  • Revolut
  • Igloo
  • Trouva
  • Soldo
  • Elder
  • Glenhawk
  • Zego
  • Streetbees
  • Guestready

As tech startups are heavily growing in the United Kingdom and in the United States, other areas of the globe are starting to join the party. Expect the tech startup scene to become even stronger over many years to come, especially as first-time founders launch additional tech companies. With technology becoming more sophisticated by the day, tech companies will stay flourishing, stay busy, and will continue to offer jobs for millions of people.

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