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There are lots of important positions throughout a company and one of them is called a growth manager. For those who might not know, a growth manager or growth team, typically sits in between marketing and product development. They often facilitate the flow of information between the marketing departments and the areas of research and development. Therefore, growth manager skills often blend the skills of a marketing department and research and development. When someone acts as a growth manager, they are responsible for taking a look at customer growth, acquisition, and activation. Furthermore, a growth manager is often going to play a role in customer retention and up-selling (the process of selling existing customers additional products or services).

Those who look at growth manager Indeed will quickly find that these individuals often report to the CEO, the Vice President of Marketing, or the Vice President of Product Management. Therefore, these individuals are typically very high in the company. The growth manager career path is typically going to start somewhere in either marketing or product development. Over time, an individual will work his or her way up through the ranks, perhaps earning additional degrees (such as an MBA) along the way. In order to become a growth manager, an individual is going to have to demonstrate competencies in both marketing and product development. Because of the software market, the growth manager has become a more important position than ever before.

The software field leans on marketing and product development more than any other sector. It seems like every day a company is releasing a new form of software. It can be hard for companies, and the public, to keep up with all the changes. Therefore, companies that are looking to compete in this sector lean on their growth managers to keep them abreast of what is happening. The growth manager will work with the product development team on possible improvements that might need to be made while also working with the marketing team to make sure the public is aware of the advances. For this reason, a growth manager is a critical individual in the software industry.

Growth Manager Job Description

The growth manager job description (growth manager JD) will vary slightly from company to company; however, every company (particularly those who work in the software area) needs to have one. An area growth manager job description is going to include three critical responsibilities. Keeping these responsibilities in mind will help someone inform his or her resume when interested in applying for one of these coveted positions.

First, a growth manager is going to have to define the company’s growth plan. This should include information on where the company is at currently as well as where the company is headed in the future.

Second, a growth manager is going to be responsible for coordinating and executing the growth plan laid out in the first responsibility. This means working with the marketing team as well as the product development team to make this happen.

Finally, a growth manager is going to be responsible for optimizing the revenue funnel. This is where the roles of customer growth, acquisition, retention, and upsell are going to be critical. Every company wants to optimize its revenue and this means growing at a consistent rate. This is the job of a growth manager.

A chief growth officer is a common synonym for a growth manager. This is slightly different from a chief marketing officer. A chief growth officer vs chief marketing officer comparison is that a growth manager typically works with both product development and marketing. A CMO is beholden only to the marketing department and the CEO.

Revenue Growth Manager Salary

The revenue growth manager salary is going to vary from company to company and with significant differences in cost of living. The average growth manager salary is going to fall somewhere around the area of $150,000 per year. This will vary depending on where the person is located. When looking at the strategic growth manager salary compass, a growth manager salary in South Africa is going to pale in comparison to an account growth manager salary San Francisco or a growth manager salary NYC.

Overall, there are some additional perks to be aware of in addition to salary. For example, someone in this kind of role might also be offered equity in the software company that come in the form of stock options. This will incentivize someone to grow the company’s revenue because those stock options are going to become more valuable as the company grows. A growth manager can also expect to have a lot of time off to spend time with family, children, and to travel. Finally, a growth manager can also expect to have a large office with a great view! These are some of the additional perks that people should keep in mind.

Growth Marketing

In addition to the field of growth manager, there has also been a rise in something called growth marketing. The role of a growth marketing team is to design and conduct experiments that are going to improve the growth metrics of a target area. In essence, the goal is to marry the fields of marketing and growth. It differs from the field of growth manager in that growth marketing does not have as much to do with product development and is solely focused on the metrics of the marketing team in a certain area. Growth marketing may also encompass some of the roles of brand marketing as well, as brand awareness is a key part of growing the marketing presence of a company. It is important to compare brand marketing vs growth marketing

Growth marketing vs acquisition marketing may also have a few similarities. The end goal of marketing is to acquire new customers. Therefore, many of the strategies from acquisition marketing will be included in the field of growth marketing. With growth marketing a new and growing field, some people even have a head of growth marketing. This individual may be similar, in some ways, to the head of marketing; however, this person usually reports to the chief marketing officer, or CMO.

Director of Growth and Development Job Description    

When someone is interested in becoming a director of growth operations, this person might go by a number of different titles. Some of the most common growth job titles include director of growth, director of development, director of learning and development, operational development head, and a number of other common names. In the end, the growth officer meaning is that this person is responsible for the growth and development of the company. The director of growth operations is going to be responsible for marrying the marketing team to the sales and product development teams, helping to make sure the company is meeting its growth metrics. 

This individual may have a number of different responsibilities. First, this individual will be responsible for coordinating the plans of a number of different departments including product development, marketing, and sales. This person is going to be in charge of looking for areas of deficiency, which are opportunities for growth, and improving the growth metrics. This person will also report directly to the head of the company, often the CEO, figuring out exactly how to drive business development, revenue, and profit to achieve the company’s ambitious goals.

Head of Growth Skills

If someone is looking at the head of growth job spec, there are a number of skills that will be needed. The growth lead salary is typically generous. Therefore, head of customer growth is often a sought-after position. Some of the common growth product manager skills include communication, development, and sales. A product manager will know how to run good meetings. He or she will be able to be efficient and productive without wasting anyone’s time. In the software field, this individual is someone who is going to understand code and will know how to sell to engineers. A product manager is also going to have to support and teach others. When something goes wrong, the product manager will need to help fix it. In addition, a product manager is still going to have to interact with customers. This professional will need to have a way with words, helping to convert leads into customers. Finally, with all of these different responsibilities, the head of growth is going to need to be able to manage his or her time well.

Digital Growth Manager

A digital growth manager is becoming a more common job with the growth of the digital age. The digital growth manager job description is typically someone who reports directly to the head of marketing. This individual is going to be someone who looks for opportunities for customer growth along digital channels. This person is going to need to manage and develop the company’s website, which focuses on B2B and B2C customer acquisition. This person also has an intricate knowledge of SEO and PPC advertising methods. As someone gains more experience in this role, he or she may take on new responsibilities.

Among many growth manager jobs, an account growth manager in the digital role is evolving and changing over time. Because of the growth of the software field and industry, the position of digital growth manager is more important than ever before. Now, those who are looking for a new product or service typically turn to the internet. This even includes software. Therefore, companies need to have a strong presence on the web. The job of the digital growth manager is to grow a company’s online presence.    

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