Product Launch Email Subject Lines

If you have a business or are even thinking of starting a business, you likely know the selling power of a well-written email. Research has shown that as far as bang for the buck, it is hard to compete with email marketing. Emails reach people instantly and conveniently, and by signing up for the mailing list recipients have already shown interest in your brand or product. Clinch the sale and convert as many shoppers to buyers as possible with an email that stirs curiosity, answers questions, and provides incentive. Before that, however, customers must open and read that email. Whether they’re scanning their inboxes for must-reads or idly opening messages that catch their eye, tempt recipients with a standout subject line that piques interest and packs a punch.

Email marketing campaigns can thrive with sparkling subject lines that invite the reader in, whether it’s for an established, experienced brand or a fledgling company.  Take a look at a successful new product launch email template and notice its subject line; there are many examples available to learn from.  Don’t lose readers in lengthy, wordy copy, but show them up front in concise language why this email is worth their time and why your product offers a valuable solution to their problem.  Use strong, superlative wording that will illustrate your brand’s ability to outperform other choices.  Subject lines should also stay in keeping with your brand’s tone and personality, using that to connect with your audience.  Crafty wordplay often works well, especially if you write something memorable that stays with readers long after bringing a momentary smile.    

Yes, that small snippet of text in the subject line of your email holds great significance, and to get the most out of your new product introduction letter to customer it should be written carefully with a purpose in mind.  The email campaign strategy used by many successful brands makes use of several steps, accomplished not just with one email but several sequential messages.  First, create some suspense and excitement around a new development in a brand that recipients have already shown interest in, then follow up with detailed information about the necessity for this product in their lives, and finally reward their anticipation with the launch itself. This holds true whether you’re unveiling a new product, service, software system, or website, so browse a new product announcement email template collection or take note of a new website launch email subject line for examples of how others have used these techniques.   

New Website Announcement Email Sample    

In today’s market a great deal of communication between businesses and customers takes place via email or other online channels, so wise entrepreneurs set up an engaging website to complement their brands.  Whether a website accompanies your business or your online store or website is in fact the service you are promoting, giving potential clients a heads-up in the form of a launch email attracts more traffic.    

People that utilize the convenience of online shopping or even just gathering information from the web value communications that give salient, useful details and don’t waste their time.  Take a look at a quality project launch email sample and you’ll see this put into action.  In order for people to spend their time on your website they need to know it will address their needs and appeal to their interests.  Start by seeking feedback from your potential client base about what they’re after and the specific facets of your site or product that attracted them.  This not only gleans valuable intel for you in designing your site but shows customers you’re listening to them.  From your subject line to an informative, to-the-point body portion of your missive to your entire website, format copy that assures customers your product will serve their needs.  In all of these, keep your tone and style consistent with your brand.  Learn from succinct language in a well-written new product announcement sample that is also informal and witty:  don’t be afraid to put your personality into it and forge an intimacy with potential clients even while providing useful facts.    

Help yourself to exploring engaging product websites for inspiration or take advantage of the various website creation systems available.  Know that after you invite your email recipients to your site using your email announcement with that catchy subject line, you now have a chance to wow them with an eye-catching website that evokes their emotions, answers their questions, and builds their trust.    

Announcement Email Examples    

Don’t miss a substantial opportunity for revenue; learn the best practices of how to introduce a new product to customers through email.  Think about creating excitement around the inception of not just a product or a website but a service, improvements or new versions of existing products, developments in software, or a new business.  Learning from a new product launch email sample or a business launch email sample will show you what you can do with an existing mailing list of interested consumers.  Create hype, give them details about the new can’t-miss development, remind them of the quality that attracted them to your brand in the first place, and encourage with a call to action.    

A well-planned pre launch email campaign strategy includes several emails sent a few weeks prior to the release.  With the first, build suspense and alert them that a valuable new development is coming on a certain date.  Use illustrative language in the next to show them the unparalleled value of what you’re bringing out, and if applicable, emphasize its limited quantity and that supplies may not last.  Particularly in the case of a software launch email or a new process announcement email, give fans proof of your devotion to giving them the highest quality by showing them you are working on improvements and new features all the time.  Add polished images that show them the brand’s superiority as well as telling them the details.  Consider a celebratory event or a sale around the launch and send email invites with active language that encourages their participation.  Offer the option of pre-ordering so they won’t miss out and add one-click buttons for convenience.   

With the announcement of a more intangible product as with a software release announcement email, design plays a particularly influential role.  Minimal yet alluring graphics draw interest but aren’t so busy they detract from the take-home message or exhaust the viewer.  Lively backgrounds and contrasting colors make for a simple yet attractive visual layout.  Structure graphics around the text you’ve written, which should be mindful of the balance of answering all the main questions without excessive wordiness.    

For physical products and businesses as well as software and online stores, the design of each email leading up to launch gives readers a preview of the visuals, moods, and feels of the new product.  The combination of evoking emotions yet being very clear and specific about showing and telling why this new product, new product features, or new business stands out above all others adds up to a winning recipe.    

Product Introduction Email to Client    

Research by Harvard Business Review asserts that around 80% of launches for new or reimagined items fall flat as a result of all attention being paid to product design and not enough on launch and marketing strategy.  While a product launch email campaign doesn’t need to commandeer all your time, you’ve poured your talent and efforts into creating a new product or business, so it’s worth the investment of making the launch all that it can be.    

Make your campaign as all-encompassing as you can, enlisting multiple channels if possible, but don’t neglect the instantaneous, convenient information transfer that email allows…not to mention the low cost.  Additionally, many adults take advantage of the ease of browsing and purchasing as a result of email marketing.  Look for ideas in a successful product launch email example to format each phase and step of your launch, from teasers to webinars and events, pre-orders, collaborations with other brands to co-release something new, and future sales.    

Dig in to the pre-launch work of constructing a quality mailing list of interested potential customers and find out which features in particular interest them the most.  From your first email and every one after that, communicate to them that they’ll be getting what they want in your brand.  An exciting yet not overly busy image inlaid with powerful text will capture attention to let you tell them a visual story about the benefits of your product.  Testimonials and reviews build trust by providing proof.  Draw the audience in with a strong subject line, and use the body text wisely to give them precise gems of information.  Build mystery and curiosity around the unveiling of the new product, and emphasize the urgency that they should act now to avoid missing out.  Once you have learned from examples of winning email campaigns and taken your audience through the steps, shoppers who have already expressed interested in your brand will happily be punching that pre-order button.

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